The Process

Spring 2016

“We Are #BLM Chicago Profiles” is the product of the hard work of magazine journalism students in the Communication and Media Innovation Department of  Columbia College Chicago during the spring 2016 semester.

The collaboration emphasized careful reporting, savvy interviewing, polished writing, advanced editing, copy editing and packaging strategies for producing an online publication. The students were advised by Betsy Edgerton, associate chair and associate professor, and Karen Titus, adjunct faculty member.

During the first three weeks of the 15-week long process, the Editing students were grouped and tasked to create themed-profile galleries. Their dossiers included extensive research, a confirmed source list, multimedia ideas and — most importantly — an explanation for “why this now.”

Week four brought the “big pitch,” where each group presented their fully-fleshed out website ideas to the Profile Writing class. After all of the pitches were made, students from both classes ranked the profile galleries— and “We Are #BLM Chicago Profiles” and “For Girls Power” pushed through the competition.

For the rest of the semester, the Editors and the Profile Writers worked together in every facet of production. From the interviews and the photos to the editing and the headlines, everyone had a hand in these sites’ actualization.

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